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Clipping Path Birds

We all know about Clipping Path, a way of cutting subjects from photos. In this tutorial article, I’m going to show you how to remove the background from a bird’s photo. Clipping path birds is a very easy process. So, don’t delay to learning-

Clipping Path Birds – How To Create A Clipping Path In Photoshop:

You can make clipping path of a bird’s photo in Photoshop by following the steps provided below.

Step-1: Open The Image:


To start the clipping path of a bird’s photo, open the image first in Photoshop. Also, you can drag the image directly on Photoshop. There is another option that you can import the photo from the “File>Open” option.

Here is the bird’s photo.

Step-2: Pick The Tool For Clipping Path Birds

After opening the photo, we have to pick the tool for clipping path birds. The tool is Pen Tool. With the pen tool, we are going to make our clipping path. It will help us to get sharp and smooth edges. So, pick the pen tool in Photoshop. Here we are.

Step-3: Draw A Path


After selecting the pen tool, we need to draw paths around the subject of the photo. So, zoom in on the image as your favor. It will help you to get an accurate selection. It will take some amount of time on this step. So, keep patience and do the clipping path. Be careful about the feathers of birds. Try to do the clipping path birds correctly without making any mistakes in the bird’s photo.

Without proper path selection, you will not get a perfect result. So, you have to be sure that you perform your job with perfection. So, to do it perfectly, press and hold the mouse, then drag it to make curved paths. Use ALT & CTRL keys to edit the created path if necessary.

Carefully draw paths around the subject. Be sure that you have made clipping path without missing any single detail of the bird. Also, you have to be sure about adding anything from the background.

Step-4: Save The Path


After finishing the path creation, we need to save it. So, now, we are going to save the clipping path birds. It is not a complicated process like clipping path creation. Go to the path option on the right side of photoshop. Then Right-click on the path and select. If you get the path window, press Ok by giving a path’s name. Here you can see the process.

Clipping Path Birds Step-5: Clip The Path


After doing all these things, we are going to set apart the subject from its main layer. For it, double-click on the layer mask icon given below. Then the existing background will be changed into a transparent background. Also, you can use this method to remove unwanted objects from any picture.

So, we have got a transparent background. Now, we can freely replace the background with any good background.

Step-6: Save As JPEG 


Finally, we are going to save our final result of clipping path birds. Do you know which one is the best file format to save a clipping path file? Well, I will propose you save the file as Photoshop JPEG or TIFF. The elaboration of JPEG is Joint Photographic Expert Group, and TIFF  is Tagged Image File Format. It will help you to save the file the way you want. If you save it in PNG file, you will lose the created clipping path. So, hope you get the option to save your file.

Step-7: Use the Image


Finally, we have created clipping path birds in Photoshop. Also, the image is ready to use. Here we also have the option to change the background of the photo. If we want a solid color background, we can use the solid color option. Furthermore, we can set another suitable background also.

Bird’s Photo clipping amazon

So, this is the best way you can use to make a clipping path in Photoshop. So, try it by yourself now!

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