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Baby’s First Birthday: How To Capture Priceless Moments

A very special person deserves an equally special day! And that day is his birthday. Now, what if the special person is your baby? And when he’s about to become one? Oh yes yes, your baby’s first birthday is here. And every birthday comes with some beautiful photoshoot ideas. So, I’ll write down some pointers you can use for your baby first birthday photography. And some baby first birthday photography ideas.

Baby’s First Birthday Photography:

Baby’s First Birthday Ideas

A person’s birthday is the beginning of his own personal year. No matter whether he’s a baby or a grown-up person. But when the most important person in the family steps into the first year of his/her life. You can’t help but arrange a birthday party. Besides, celebrating baby first birthday photography has become quite the tradition in the last few years.

Baby’s First Birthday Ideas

Because the parents now go all out for their babies. Using themed colors, balloons, a special cake, an adorable outfit for the baby, and everything. Also, hiring a professional photographer for the cutest baby photoshoot is just the cherry on top. Isn’t it? So, when a photographer gets an appointment for a baby’s first birthday photoshoot, you’re doing a baby’s first photography. Trust me, this is the most adorable and trendy personal photography right now. And it’ll be like this trendy at least for, I don’t know! Maybe forever? So get your hands on it and earn some dollars!

Photographing Babies:

Baby’s First Birthday Ideas

Every baby is born with a need to be loved and never outgrows it. But they’re the bundle of joy! The saddest part is you can’t still them for a moment to take a single photo. I admit baby photography is quite challenging. Still, parents pay a lot of money for some beautiful baby photos. But yeah, baby’s first birthday photography falls under baby photography.

Baby First Birthday Photography:

Seeing adorable baby faces is the best way to relax, refresh, and recharge. Don’t you think? And I don’t know why every single baby looks extra cute on their first birthday. So, here are some baby’s first birthday photography ideas that you should definitely try.

Baby’s First Cake!:
Baby’s First Birthday Ideas

Babies love sweets. Not to mention the cake. So, giving a cake only to the baby on his first birthday is just the thing. I know you’ve seen videos about the baby smashing cakes and covering themselves with cream or frosting. I don’t know about you. But I think it’s really really adorable. You can get a tiny cupcake or a whole cake for your baby and capture your baby’s playful moments with the cake.

Use Seasonal Props:

Okay, the birth date of your baby could be any time of the year. So use the seasonal props to decorate a cute background for your baby. And using some seasonal touch will give the natural vibe and the time your baby came into this world. I mean, isn’t it wonderful to honor the season when your baby came? Now, let’s see what props you can use.

Summer Season:
Baby’s First Birthday

Summer is full of fruity blessings. And you know what? I think fruit means more color and flavor. So, you can sit your baby into a large bowl with berries. And let him/her play with the fruits. Or if you don’t want to waste the tasteful berries, you can put a tiny plate with berries or watermelons in front of the baby. Oh, and don’t forget to wear your baby an adorable summer outfit.

Autumn Colors:
Baby’s First Birthday Ideas

Autumn is also full of colors. Not to mention it’s full of pumpkins! I must admit one thing, Autumn always gives me the smell of freshly baked pumpkin pies. Oh! That gives me another idea. You can give your baby a tiny baked pumpkin pie to play with. And I also think using some colorful autumn leaves to the backdrop will make your baby photos more appealing.

Snow And Frost:
Baby’s First Birthday

Give your baby a cute adorable snow-bunny outfit and sit him/her on a snowy background. Well, you don’t have to use real snow. Moreover, you can use artificial snow on the backdrop to get a wintery vibe. An artificial snowman will do nicely.

Floral Spring:
Baby’s First Birthday

I’m sure just saying the name of the spring gives you a picture full of flowers and a gentle breeze. So, to get the perfect spring vibe, you can use some artificial flowers on the backdrop. And don’t forget to put a flower crown on your baby. You can also put some flowers around the baby to create a cute composition.

Use Some Water To Create A Tiny Pool:
Baby In The Pool

If you’re planning some outdoor baby first birthday photography. You should definitely get a basin or a baby pool or tub. It’ll give you the most playful side of your baby. Because we all know babies love water. If you put your baby in a watery place, he will make splashes for sure. Use a low shutter speed to capture every single water splash. For more details, you can check out our water droplet photography.

Baby In The Middle Of The Parents:
Baby’s First Birthday Ideas

This is a very much classic and common pose for baby first birthday photography. I mean, the parents are the most important persons in the life of a baby. So, on her very first birthday, it’s just the right thing to get a picture with her parents on both sides of her. If you ask me, I think it will bring out the daddy’s princess or prince vibe.

Soap Bubbles:
Baby’s First Birthday Ideas

Everyone loves soap bubbles. Don’t you think? Not just the babies, grown-ups also love soap bubbles. So you can use these bubbles to get a smiling little face with some playful moments. I mean, it’s not a birthday photoshoot idea exactly. But no one is stopping you from making your baby smile on his birthday. Is it?

Unicorn Vibe:
Use Unicorn Theme

I don’t know a baby, who doesn’t love unicorns. I mean, if you have a baby girl, that is. You can give her, her first and best ever fairytale birthday. You can throw a unicorn-themed party. There are a lot of unicorn-themed crowns on the birthday store or online party decor store. So, why don’t surprise the guests with the most adorable baby unicorn?

Balloons Or Air Balloons:

A birthday isn’t a birthday without balloons. And babies love balloons. So, it would be really nice if you get your baby a lot of balloons around him. Let him play with the balloons. Also, if possible, get some air balloons. Because babies love to watch air balloons with big starry eyes.

Baby Doctor or Pilot:
Baby Pilot

When parents get the first news of a baby, they daydream about the baby’s future. They make assumptions that their baby will become a doctor or an engineer or a pilot. Some also think that their baby will become a scientist or an artist. So, to commemorate your assumption for your baby, you can arrange the necessary background for your baby.


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