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How Apparel Photo Editing Service Will Increase Sales?

If you are in the eCommerce industry, you must learn to utilize the potential of photo editing services. Especially, if you own an e-shop that sells clothes, dresses you must adapt apparel Photo Editing services as there is a huge possibility of dress photo editing in this sector. Apparel Photo retouching services are greatly beneficial for adding more appeal to the catalog or website images, thereby attracting the attention of customers.

Garment commodities are one of the crucial products that make more sales among all other products in the eCommerce sector. For this reason, it is very important to present the apparel images in a glamorous way. Because that will entice the customers to your site.

Importance of Apparel Photo Editing Services for eCommerce Business

The world of Internet makes people’s life easy reducing hassle for many more things for instance, shopping. Recently, E-commerce businesses or online stores have given the opportunity to choose from multiple options. For this reason, customers are getting comfortable to buy dresses from online. Because, there are lots of options available and they can choose according to their needs.

There are a lot of e-shops that sell apparel or clothes along with other commodities. So, the market value of those products depends upon the presentation. Because, how you are representing your products decides the market value and demand. Therefore, your way of showing your products must have to be different and unique. Otherwise, you would not be able to beat your competitors. Certainly, the showcase is the unit. This unit would help to choose the better among the online stores. So, to stand out, you must take the help of dress photo editing.

Ghost Mannequin Effect

As we all can see, eCommerce has become popular over the last few years. One thing we can tell, it won’t lose its glory any time soon. Rather, it will grow even more. Because of this, online sellers are getting more competitive than ever. So, if you want to conquer, everything has to be perfect, especially the display photos. The display images of your sites must be unique. Therefore, you must need a photo editing service.

Why Do You Need Professional Apparel Photo Editing Services?

Well, you run a business. Is it possible for you to manage everything by yourself? I mean you have lot of works to do. For example, buying the products, capture photos, upload them , manage customer relations & delivery, etc. So, to ease your work, you have to take the service. Because, there are couple of things to do before uploading a photos. Like-

  • Capture photos
  • Remove the background and replace it with white background
  • Retouch the photo
  • Add shadow and reflection to make it attractive
  • Resize the photos all in the same size
  • Ghost-mannequin especially for the apparel products
  • Upload them

Get it now? Won’t it be tough for you to do it alone? So, the solution is to outsource your cloth photo editing needs. So that you can you can spend more time on doing other activities. Beside that your images will have a great look. Because those will be edited by professionals. You can suggest your specific needs too. In addition, they will customize as per your instruction. After the post-processing, certainly your images will capture the customer’s attention. This will subconsciously force the buyers to click the “Buy Now” button. Additionally, you will be out of stress not doing all the labor.

To sum up, the key to boost your online sale is by using professional apparel photo editing services. However, to ensure you success, you must choose carefully.

How Photo Editing Can Be Useful For The Apparel Industry?

The apparel industry can be benefited from dress photo editing services. To clarify, it will help to grow the business for many reasons. Some of the reasons are-

Background Removal

The original background of your image may not be suitable. So, you need to change or replace the background. Therefore, Professional Dress Photo editing services can help you with this. Professional designers use software like Photoshop to complete the task.

Removal of Unwanted Accessories

There is a possibility that a photographer could capture unwanted things along with the photo without noticing. It will not be easy for you to remove. Besides that, you cannot upload that photo without removing the object. Here comes the necessity of photo editing. A professional photo editing company can remove the unwanted object and prepare that for the website. The editing will be precise that you wouldn’t be able to recognize that the original image is altered. As a result, you don’t have to shoot the photo again.

Color Correction

You will need multiple color photos for the same dress. But wouldn’t cost more to shoot multiple photos for just only one type of dress? So, to lessen the cost, the color correction service is perfect. With this service, you can get multiple colors of one dress easily.

Adjusting Brightness And Contrast

The light is one of the crucial elements that work to beautify the image. Moreover, if there is no proper balance of light and shade, they might lose its beauty. Because the right contrast between these two elements decides the visual appeal of any image. Therefore, an apparel photo must need the perfect blend of light and shade. 

What Apparel & Dress Photo Editing Services Can Fix?

No matter how carefully you capture the photos, you definitely need an editing service. Certainly, it has become an inevitable part of the apparel industry. Because you must use the product photos efficiently to grab customers’ attention. So, let’s see some of the things that apparel photo editing service  can fix

  • Straightening the image
  • Removing stains from clothing
  • Editing iron wrinkled clothes photos
  • Adding black and white effects
  • Changing color of clothing
  • Fixing the scratches and the creases
  • Unwanted accessories removal
  • Adjusting the contrast and brightness
  • Enhancing the colors of your clothing
  • Fashion apparel photo editing
  • Removing and replacing background
  • Showcasing front and back clothing
  • Addition of drop, natural, or reflection shadows, etc.

Nowadays it is quite hard to find any photo without retouch. So, by editing the photo, it is possible to remove several errors, fix the damaged part of the cloth. Almost all of apparel business owners use dress photo editing. Because they want their garments to look attractive to their buyers. If you don’t believe it, you can search for an online garment store. I am 100% sure you won’t find any unedited photos.

Clothing Photo Editing Services is mostly beneficial for eCommerce platforms. There is a great difference between a raw photo and an edited photo. Take a T-shirt for instance. It doesn’t matter how expensive the T-shirt is, there will be a raw look on the photo. Retouch can give an attractive look to the photo. So, it is necessary to take a cloth photo editing service

Clipping Amazon


It has years of experience in casual clothing retouching services. Clipping Amazon’s image editing experts are able to fix all types of flaws from your apparel images. We will give our best efforts. Asa a result, it will give your clothing photos an appealing look. Our apparel photo retouching services would provide excellent outcomes within a very short turnaround time. We have served more than a thousand clients from across the world. Our customer list includes several apparel manufacturer companies, suppliers, retailers, photographers, marketing firms and advertising agencies, etc. So, why don’t you give it a try!

Why Would You Choose Clipping Amazon?

By outsourcing apparel photo editing services to us, you can expand the growth of your business. Clipping Amazon can handle all your clothing image editing requirements. So, you can focus on satisfying your clients. you can also give better support. Our professionals can help you to save on precious time, resources, and efforts. With our expert support, you can rise above your competitors strongly and effectively. Let Me tell you how can we help you with our services. So, let’s have a look at our clothing image editing services-

Photo Manipulation Services

The designers of Clipping Amazon use advanced strategies to improve the existing pictures of the garments. Therefore, they can change or modify different aspects. As a result, it helps to bring out the details and other attractive features of the clothing.

Image Cut Out Services

This is one of the services that can minimize the time of editing and quality checking. It helps to ensure the best quality of the output images.

Image Restoration Services

The apparel image may get damaged. In such cases, you’re going to need this service. So, Clipping Amazon’s skilled editors would efficiently revive the image quality and appeal.

Clipping Path Service

It is one of our top services that you really need for marketing dresses or clothes. We separate the background from the subject through this service. It gives the entire product a clean and clutter-free look.

Background Removal Service

Certainly, You are going to need clean white background images to upload to your site. With this service, we can provide you clean white background apparel photos.

Image Masking Service

While removing the background, The editors mask the hair of the model. They also mask or the furry edges of the apparel. This would give the image a sharp and exact look. With editing skills, we remove distractions. and preserve the finer details in the product image.

HDR Image Blending Service

We combine multiple shots of the apparel photos. It helps to balance the tone, highlights, or shadows for enhancing their look and feel. Therefore, it will create a wow effect.

Vector Image Services

We use vector graphics to create and convert the clothing images. Because of this, you can resize the pictures without losing quality.

Our Cloth Photo Editing Service Category

Men’s Apparel

Our team edits different male garments. We retouch men’s wear like T-shirt, Pant, blazer, coat, and tie, etc. We remove the background, retouch the photo. Besides that, we remove all the damages like wrinkles and damaged color, edit the color, etc. Our designers are highly experienced in such type of clothing & dress photo editing service.

Women’s Apparel

We can edit different women’s attires. For instance, wedding gowns, female jeans, skirt, top, T-shirt, etc. Our designers remove or change its background, edit the photo, add effects. They even repair the damaged wrinkles and edit or add color to them. Our team also focuses on women’s accessories too. Don’t worry about the editing. Because we make sure the photos you send us are edited in an attractive way. An attractive apparel image will definitely help you boost your conversion rate.

Kids Apparel Editing

We edit the kid’s clothes to make them look better and brighter. However, it includes kids’ clothes like overalls, mittens, beanies, baby apron, shoes, and socks, etc. As always our team remove the background, remove wrinkles. Along with that, we edit the colors or add colors to them. Moreover, our designers are highly skillful. As a result, you will get the best clothing retouching possible.

Undergarment Photo Editing

Our designers edit undergarments too. Certainly, the undergarment photos should be displayed on various eCommerce sites and social posts in an attractive manner. This attracts people to purchase. To edit undergarment photos, we do background removal, color correction, liquefy, etc. These help to fix the photos of such undergarments.

Remove Wrinkles From Clothes

Many clothes have wrinkles on them. It happens mostly because of the continuous movements of the products during packaging and shipping. So, you should retouch these clothing photos properly. Our designers use Photoshop to remove such wrinkles. They make sure that the photos look attractive, wrinkled free, and completely ironed.

Clothes Color Change Service

An eCommerce business owner will have a cloth with different colors but the same design. It would be a waste of time if the photographer has to take multiple photos of the same design cloth for the different colors. This is why we provide a color correction service or clothing color-change service. We change the color of the clothing photo to the color you want to.

Benefits of Partnering with Clipping Amazon

We have been successfully serving various domains with the help of our photo editing services. It resulted in the continuous growth of our passion. Our customized apparel photo editing services have also supported apparel photographers, garment manufacturers and retailers, costume marketing firms, outfit advertising agencies, fashion businesses, modeling institutes, and more. Therefore, you are going to get lots of benefits if you take our services. Some of them are-

  • Free Trial with Test Photo
  • Elegant and Perfect Quality
  • Cost-effective
  • Customized Solutions
  • Domain Expertise
  • Latest Technology Expertise
  • Quick Turnaround Time

So, to save your effort, time, and resources in the competitive age, hire our services and let our experts do the work for you. 


You may also request samples through FREE TRIAL before enticing with the contract. We are quite flexible. We fulfill the specific requirements of our customers. Our team has proved its worth. We have a track record in eCommerce photo editing services. It is the best specimen of our professionalism.

Our experts are always ready to provide you with completely personalized services according to your needs. You can confidently count on us for flawless apparel photo editing services. So, wait no more. Choose us as your apparel photo editing service provider. Gain maximum benefits for your business.

Apart from this, we also deliver solutions for all types of clipping path services. Because we want to serve the business needs of the customers. We also offer a vast range of options. As a result, they have the option to choose for improving the quality of their apparel photographs.

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