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How To Do Animal Photography

Animals. I guess they were living on this earth for thousand years before we came? I mean, they’re still living, yeah? We often see them in the streets, on our windows or balconies, and in our homes as pets. Talking about pets, they just don’t live in our home. Because they always get a special place in our hearts as well. Can you deny that? But they’re animals. The oldest defenders of the earth. So, in this blog, we’re going to learn everything about animal photography.

Photographing Animals:

Photography Of Animals

Oh well, animals have few rights. But they have every right to be in this world. And trust me, it doesn’t have anything to do with pets. Because I saw many people who treat their pets like real shit. But my point is, do they really deserve it? Just because they can’t talk, or think like a devil doesn’t make them lifeless. Moreover, I think it makes them even more lovable, and deniable for sure. But I guess photographing them is a bit challenging. Since they don’t stay still in one place.

Photography Of Animals

Oh, about animal photography, you have to know that all kinds of wild animals, farm animals, and pets fall under this category. I mean, the way of capturing them may be different. But the main theme remains the same. And yes, when you go to capture animals, you must follow ethics. Although most people think that these ethics are for wildlife. But animals should be treated like actual living beings, no matter where they come from. Don’t you think? And I think it doesn’t cost anything to be an ethical person. Does it?

Black And White Animal Photography

So, when you capture animals in the wilderness, in the water, in the desert, in the park, or even with your pet, it’s animal photography.

Photography Of Animals

But do you know the main difference between animal photography and wildlife photography? Well, wildlife photography means capturing the moments and habitats of living beings in the forest or wilderness. It doesn’t include desert animals or the animals who live under the water. But animal photography, on the other hand, includes everything. Therefore, you can easily say that wildlife photography falls under animal photography.

Things You Should Know Before Digging In:

Black And White Animal Photography

Since this category of capturing photos is vastly vast and wild, you better pack these things with you.

  • A Weather-Sealed Camera That Performs In Any Weather
  • A Remote Shutter Release
  • A Camera Bean Bag
  • Lens & Telephoto Lens
  • A Camouflage

But things will change a bit if you decide to dive underwater. Then you’ll need a waterproof camera along with a strobe. These two are a must in underwater photography. And if you choose to capture animals inside of your house, you better take endless treats for your fur babies. And lastly, read the wildlife photography ethics carefully.

Let’s Start With Fur Babies For Animal Photography:

Capturing Pets

I mean, if you’re a beginner in the world of photography, you’ll have to start somewhere. Right? In that case, you can’t just go into the woods to capture animals. Before going, there are a lot of things you should practice at home. And how do you do that? With the pets of course. But surely, you’ll need to convince them with a lot of treats and love.

Inseparable Friends

Pet photography wasn’t very popular even a few years ago, I admit. But now? There are truly amazing people who prefer to have a pet. And yes, they treat their fur babies like a human. Besides, it’s easy to convince these animals to pose for you. All they want is just love and treats.

Black And White Animal Photography

Besides, you can use as many props as you want for your shot. There’ll be more blogs on this topic though. And yes, you may want to set your shutter to burst mode if you want to get a clear shot. Other than that, all camera tools and settings are just normal. But make you don’t capture photos when they’re disturbed. But if you ask me, among all kinds of animal photography, capturing pets will give the best relaxing yet the funniest time filled with love.

Neighbors But Not Pets:


Oh, I’m sure there are some feathery or furry neighbors of yours who come to steal your fruits or to say hello to your pets. More or less, we all have seen this kind of scenario, right? Even if you don’t have any pets, you still can have such neighbors. People who live in the villages or in the suburban areas have this chance.

Farm Sheeps

Although it doesn’t happen that easily, if you get the scene right in front of you, why not? Besides, many wildlife photographers do not have any pets. How do you think they practiced their photo session? I guess they went to the nearest park or into their kitchen garden? When it’s the Fall, you’ll often find playful squirrels collecting their food. You’ll also find some birds too. And yes, you know the first rule of photographing animals? Befriend them. Let them know that you don’t mean any harm. And then, perhaps you’ll get some photos that’ll make you smile.

Black And White Animal Photography

Also, videos of people feeding birds or squirrels in the park, or helping the sloths cross the road always go viral. And the best part? Animals are not ungrateful like us. They remember the face who helped them. When those faces come along their paths again they go to say hello. And trust me, they’re the most honest, loyal neighbors you’ll ever have. Not to mention the photos. Because these are some photos that will come to your camera once in a lifetime.

Photography Of Animals

Heads-Up For Camera Settings:

As for camera settings, yes, set your shutter to burst mode. And use the wide-angle lens. Because you may want to capture the whole scene to build a story. Or if the animals are too speedy, use the zoom lens. It’ll help you capture photos from afar.

Wild Animals:


As for animals who belong to the wilderness, call for special camera settings. Like what? I mean, not all wild animals are used to human faces. Some of them could be harmful to you too. So, what will you do then?


Well, for starters, you may want to increase your ISO, and use two cameras with two different lenses. Oh, and don’t forget to increase your shutter speed. Because wild animals are not the subjects you may want to use a lower shutter speed for details. You can add or remove any details as per need in the photo editing section.

A Hippo

Also, you can use some undercover so that the animals don’t recognize you. I’ve seen many wildlife photographers use this to hide their identity. And it truly helps.


One thing to nail wild animal photography is to stay alert all the time. And of course, that includes keeping the cameras and lenses ready. Because you know how it is. You’re not dealing with any models or pets here. So, you can’t force them to pose as you want. Not to mention think twice when it comes to ferocious or carnivorous animals. I mean, let’s talk about elephants.

Wild Angry Elephants

Elephants are the biggest in size when it comes to forests or dry lands. They’re elegant, majestic, and wild as hell. Even if they’re not carnivorous, wild elephants are dangerous. If they think you may cause any harm to them or anything, you’re good as dead. So, be careful.

How Does Zoo Photography help?
Zoo photography

It’s better if you go to the nearest zoo to practice such things. I personally suggest going to the zoo so that you can see the way of animals’ lifestyle. Because it helps to do some study about the habitats of the animals you want to capture. It helps you to prepare for the worst with the protection of your’s safety. And with wild animals? You better expect the unexpected most often.

No Matter What You Do, You May Want To Edit Your Photos:
Quality Photo Editing

It’s easy to get lost in the beauty and charm of the animal world. And it’s pretty easy to forget to set the camera into the right position exactly when needed. So, what do you get in the result? That your subject isn’t auto-focused. Or your camera got moved when you clicked the shutter. Or the light wasn’t right when the animals got into action.

Yeah, situations like those above are pretty normal when you capture animals. That’s why you need to go to a professional photo editing company for post-production services.

Clipping Amazon
Professional Photo Manipulation

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