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Best Practices Of Amazon Product Photos? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

The product photos are the first things that the customers see while browsing on Amazon. A first impression after seeing the images would trigger the customer’s decision to purchase your product. So, you should follow the Amazon Product Image Requirements guidelines. Shopping online depends on product images. Because the customer can’t see the original product. Therefore knowing the Best Practices of Amazon Product Photos is highly crucial.

The Listing Photo should appeal to the audience to click on that & check out for product details. Listing photos are the photo that appears in the search results. So, this photo is very important to lure the audience to click on it. Once the customers’ on the product page, the alternative/ additional photos entice them to purchase the product. Thus a click converts into sales.

Let me tell you some Best Practices of Amazon Product Photos

Follow The Guidelines Of Amazon Product Photo Requirements

When it comes to online purchasing, the customers want to gather as much information as possible from product images. Detailed & realistic product images are the best thing for customers when they can’t see them face to face. Besides that high-quality images display the products in the way possible. It will also help to list quickly.

Though listing requirements of amazon product photos are pretty simple, sometimes it appears to be contradicting and confusing. The reason behind it may be they have a lot of product categories, 45 to be specific.

Most of the seller only focuses on the primary image. Primary images are the ones that pop up on the result page when you search for something. Definitely, the primary images are the most important ones. Because that image has to compete with other images cum your competitors. But you gotta pay attention to additional images. Amazon lets you upload a total of 9 images and they all have special roles to play. So, the best practices of Amazon product photos are to optimize both the primary and the additional images.

Amazon Product Image Requirements: Technical Guidelines-

Before starting the optimization process, you gotta make sure that you are familiar with the technical requirements. These requirements are the same for every category. Let’s see what are those-

  • Format of the product images should be Tiff (.tif/.tiff0, Gif (.gif), JPEG (.jpeg/jpg), GIF (.gif), or PNG (.png)
  • The image width and height should be 1000×1000
  • CMYK or sRGB color mode is preffered
  • The file names must contain the product identifier followed by a full stop and exact file extension. If there are spaces, dashes or additional characters in file name, your images won’t go online.

Each Amazon product photo must have an identifier with a variant code. As a seller, you have to rename the image file with the identifier and variant followed by a dot & the fie extension line .jpg or .png, etc. Let’s see an example- B000123456.jpg or 0237425673485.tif, etc.

However, if you name the image with only identifier, not with a variant code, and display that as the main image on the product detail page, you have to maintain the following rules-

  • The image must be a professional photograph of the product that you are selling. Illustration or sketch will not be accepted.
  • The image must not contain additional objects that doesn’t come with your product.
  • The image must be in focus and professionally lit.
  • You are not allowed to use ewel cases, promotional stickers, and cellophane in the image.
  • Books, music, video/DVD should be in the front cover art and fill 100% of the image frame.
  • Other products should be pure white with a value of RGB 255,255,255.
  • The image should not contain dditional text, graphics, or inset images.
  • No offensive or pornographic materials will not be allowed.

If you do not follow the above-mentioned guidelines, there is a huge possibility that your product might not be listed. If you don’t want that, make sure that you have followed each and every rule.

Along with the main image Amazon has some guidelines with the view or additional images. We are going to learn those with examples now-

Let’s have a look what are the best practice of Amazon product photos when it comes to additional images.

• The Image Background Must Be White

White Background Image

A white background image provides the customers with an exact image of what they will receive.


• Upload a detailed image

Detail images are great as additional view images. After seeing the listing or main image, buyers wanna see some detailed pictures. So, the best practice of Amazon product photos is to add detailed images.


• Use a single product.

Use a single picture of your product unless your product comes with multiple parts. For example, if you are selling makeup brushes, use the photo of the brushes only, not the shadow box. But if you are selling both the shadow palette and the brushes as a package, you can use both images.

• Show the Product in Use as an Additional Image

The best Practices of Amazon Product Photos is to show the product in use. Because in that way you will be able to gain the trust of the buyers.

• Show the Product in Use As a Form of Video

Video Contents are more engaging and able to gain the trust of the customers. Because video will give the buyers the best impression of your product and help you stand out.


• Text and Demonstrative Graphics Are Allowed in the Additional Image.

You can add text and demonstrative graphics to explain the product feature in the additional image. But don’t add anything that you are not selling. Because that will be misleading for the customers. Customers want to know what they are getting exactly. They wouldn’t like to get misleading information. Therefore, show the features, benefits, and how the product will help them in their day-to-day life. This is the Best Practices of Amazon Product Photos so far.

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