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6 Ultimate Tips For Amazon product Photography

We all are familiar with the biggest eCommerce site Amazon. Right? Some of you may even have bought something from it. If anything, I can assure you about one thing that they sell amazing things. Well, as amazing as our imagination! But today I’m not going to write about Amazon. Moreover, I’ll show you something more important. How about Amazon product photography? Let’s see what I can reveal.

Why Amazon Product Photography Is Important?

Amazon Product Photography

Technically, Amazon product photography will be important for you when you’re doing business with Amazon. I mean, many people run their small eCommerce stores under Amazon’s site. Also, if you’re a professional product photographer. Then this blog will be quite helpful for you.

Amazon has its own criteria for listing product photos. If your photos don’t meet their requirement. Sadly, you won’t able to do any transaction through Amazon. I know it hurts but it’s what they have put on the table. Not only Amazon, but eBay also has its own requirement. So you can’t keep this fact aside. That’s why I’ll write as much as I know.

But first, you must believe in the magic of photography. Because, if you can master the photography skills these tips about Amazon product photography. Also if you add some extra flair to this (post-production editing), you’ll be golden.

If I Follow These Tips, Can I Do My Own Product Photography?

If you can ensure the prime requirements, then why not. Although doing your own product photography will cost some equipment. Aside this, doing your own product photography will save you money. How so? Because if you follow the tips that I’m about to share, you can do your product photography. But first, you’ll need to –

  • Ensure a specific side of your house or any place just for product photography
  • Make sure the background of the side is pure white. It’s a prime requirement
  • Take photos from different angles.
6 Ultimate Tips For Amazon Product Photography:
1. White Or Matching Background:
Amazon Requires A White Background

It’s always the number one priority in product photography. Although, Amazon has made it pretty clear that the background should be always pure white in Amazon product photography. Still, this rule is mandatory for the title image. The secondary images are free to go.

So, after making sure the title image is on white background. You can take product photos with a nice background. Of course, it means the background will be giving a positive vibe to your product. As my company works as a photo editing company. I’m leaving a picture to realize.

2. Manage Some Extra Light To Brighten Up:
Manage Extra Light Source

Light. The word gives the vibe of something bright and sunny. Doesn’t it? Well, as a photographer, you need to keep an eye on the light. That there is always enough light in the set when you’re doing photography.

Light does play a primary role in product photography. Because it emphasizes your product and makes it more glossy.

You can buy mini lights and set them up on different sides of the product. Because it just doesn’t make your photos nice. It also removes the creepy shadows. Yes, there are shadow services for these photos. But the one you’re getting from photos. Trust me, you’ll want to remove it. So the light is needed. Just the normal light of your room won’t do.

3. Take Photos From Every Angle:

Take Photos From Different Angles

Taking photos from every angle of your product gives you an extra edge here. Do you know how? Because transparency is a thing that Amazon always requires. Also, your customers will see that you’re putting in your best effort.

Because many sellers in Amazon doesn’t provide photos from every angle. This leaves many questions in the mind of the customers. So, take photos from every angle.

4. If Possible, Do Lifestyle Photography:
Lifestyle Photography Grabs More Attention

If you can follow this tip. I’m 100% sure you’re going to get orders from across your country. Wait, what? Yes.

Now, to know more about lifestyle photography, you can check out my other blog. Although it is mandatory to use white background on the title image, you can provide a photo of using your product in real life. It’s really useful for your Amazon product photography.

5. Try To Provide Details When Taking Photos:

This tip is mainly useful for cloth or dress shop owners. Suppose, if you’re going to sell a dress. You need to make sure that the detailed work in the dress must be seen on the photo. Otherwise, what’s the point of taking photo?

For this, you can do close photography. Because it lets you capture the tiniest details in product. Besides, detailed product photos attract more eyes than doing normal photography.

6. Make Sure You’re Editing Photos:
Editing Photos Is A Must

This includes post-production works though. The mistakes happen during product photography, it all are solved in this step. Because you must edit your photos before listing them for sale in Amazon.

Each eCommerce store in Amazon uses either a professional editor or an outsourcing photo editor’s help. Outsourcing photo editing, however, saves your time and money.

So these were the 6 ultimate tips about Amazon product photography. If you do photography following these tips, I’m sure you’ll have plenty of customers. Also, if you can’t provide professional product photography on your own. You can always count on professional image editing companies. There are professional photo editing companies that edit photos as per Amazon product photography guidelines.

Clipping Amazon:

Well, the last tips about editing product photos. Clipping Amazon provides all sorts of photo editing services you’ll need for Amazon. We make the background white even if you capture the product photo with a noisy background. We always edit photos according to Amazon product photography guidelines.

Also, color correction, image masking services, clipping path services are very important for Amazon product photography or photo editing. We have many clients who run eCommerce stores under Amazon for years. They just capture their product photos and send us the files. And we do the rest. We provide services 24 hours in 7 days. Because there are always time zone differences and Amazon never sleeps. So, you can have our services any time you need. If you’re looking for a such company, feel free to tap on the button.

So this was my blog about Amazon product photography guidelines. I hope you found my blog useful, feel free to comment if you want something to add.


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