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1 Easiest Way To Add Glow Effect In After Effects-For Beginners

We are all familiar with the name Adobe more or less. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, After effects & Premiere Pro are some of the most needed for professional photo or video editing. Today, I’ll write down how you can add a beautiful glow effect in after effects. So, let’s get started!!

What’s The Use Of Glow Effect in After Effects?

Well, you must browse the net or watch youtube videos. While doing it, you must see different companies are focusing on their logo or title. Of course, their logo and title just glow like light. Isn’t it? Why? Because they use the same glow effect in adobe after effects which I’m going to tell you. Sometimes, it glows like a light within a little bit of shadow. Right? Do you know why they do it?

The answer is, they do it because they want their audience to look at their new title or logo. Why? Because they want their title shown. That’s why they use the glow effect. So, if you want your audience to look at your newest service or offer or whatever object. You can add a simple glow effect and catch the eye of your audience right where you want them to see. Let’s Get Started!!

Steps Of Glow Effect In After Affects:

Step-1: At the very first you must need to open your computer, then Adobe after effects. It is funny, but you really can’t start without this step.

Step-2: Now, write down the name of your choice. I’m writing here ‘Clipping Amazon’.Because I want my audience to look into my company name. Then, select the text bar and click on the ‘Effect’ from the menu bar. Click on ‘Perspective’, and drop shadow.


Step-3: At this stage, you won’t be able to see any shadow because it’s not much spectacular right now. Then, select the shadow color. I’m choosing orange as it’s my company’s theme color.


Steps-4: I kept the distance here as 0, softness-20 & I lowered the opacity to 41. Now, Select the drop shadow effect bar you worked on and press Ctrl+D. Yeah, you just copied the layer.

Step-5: Now, at the drop shadow 2, keep the softness 80. Then, click on ‘Effect’ from the menu bar. Then click on stylize & glow. Wait, we’re not done yet! Moreover, we are just getting started.

Step-6: Now change color A. Choose a bit lighter color here. Then change color B. Choose a bit darker color here. Then, choose glow color and select A & B Color. Then, on color looping, select B>A. Increase the glow intensity. Now, press Ctrl+D to duplicate the layer.


Step-7: Now, increase the radius. Then threshold. Now tap on your text and press Ctrl+D to duplicate it. Next, tap on the bottom text layer and click on ‘Effect’ from the menu bar. No no, I won’t tell you to select the glow again. This time, select Blur & Sharpen. Then, CC Radial Fast Blur.

Now, By This Time, You Will Must See The Changes On Your After Effects Screen.
  • Step-8: Now, if the light or glow in your text is too much, then it’s completely okay. Because you can decrease the amount shown in the picture. And vice versa.
  • Step-9: We are almost done here. Now, all you have to do is just move the blue bar on the video section along with changing the center points. You’ll see the lights moving left to right and up to down.

Look at you now. You’ve done the glow effect in after effects! Of course, there are other ways to glow effects when you are working with Adobe After Effects. But this is the most effective to catch the eye.

What Is Clipping Amazon?
Clipping Amazon Services
Services of Clipping Amazon

Well, you might want to know what Clipping Amazon is as I added the glow effect on it. Clipping Amazon is one of the most professional photo editing companies. We provide 17 kinds of photo editing services. And we served in almost 30 countries. We serve color correction, background removal service, raster to vector service, photo restoration, model retouching services, etc. Also, we have an amazing blog site. You can check it out. Not just service-related blogs, you will see various kinds of blogs here. Aside from blog sites and others, we are very professional and communicative when it comes to client’s demands. Because the clients are our first and foremost priority. We value their needs the highest. And of course, Clipping Amazon never shows its sample work to get more clients because we value our client’s security.

I hope my tutorial blog helped you to learn the glow effect. Stay tuned until my next glow effect blog!


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